• Sonic - Peter/Peter's Grandfather/Ivan the Cat/Sasha the Bird/Sonia the Duck/Willie the Whale/Whitey/Alice Bluebonnet/Himself/Thomas (from Thomas & Friends)/Diesel (from Thomas & Friends)
  • Tails - Ivan the Cat/Peter's Grandfather/Sasha the Bird/Whitey/Willie the Whale/Peter/Johnny Fedora/Alice Bluebonnet/Percy (from Thomas & Friends)/Thomas (from Thomas & Friends)
  • Knuckles - Willie the Whale/Sonia the Duck/Peter/Johnny Fedora/Peter/Peter's Grandfather/Ivan the Cat/Himself
  • Sally - Herself/Alice Bluebonnet (Sonic (from Sonic) and Alex (from Madagascar) can't be Sally, Sonic and Alex are male and Sally is female)
  • Bunnie - Herself/Alice Bluebonnet (Knuckles (from Sonic) and Marty (from Madagascar) can't be Bunnie, Knuckles and Marty are male and Bunnie is female)
  • Amy - Herself/Alice Bluebonnet/Woman/Lady (from Thomas & Friends)
  • Cream - Herself/Alice Bluebonnt/Woman/Mavis (from Thomas & Friends)
  • Robotnik Jr. - Sonic (from Sonic)/Whitey
  • King Acorn - Himself
  • Queen Acorn - Herself
  • Uncle Chuck - Peter's Granfather/Peter/Willie the Whale/Whitey/Johnny Fedora/Alice Bluebonnet/Himself/Sonic (from Sonic)
  • Metal Sonic - Himself/Tetti-Tatti/Wolf/Max (from Cats Don't Dance) (Thomas (from Thomas & Friends) can't be Metal Sonic, Thomas is a good mood and Metal Sonic is a bad mood)
  • and more

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