TheBluesRockz's movie-spoof of Meet the TheBluesRockz's movie-spoof of Meet the Robinsons (2007). It will appear on YouTube in the near future.

Meet the Robinsons thebluesrtockz
Meet the Robinsons (TheBluesRockz Style) cast video

Meet the Robinsons (TheBluesRockz Style) cast video


  • Lewis - Fievel Mousekewitz (An American Tail)
  • Wilbur Robinson - Dale (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Franny Robinson - Miss Bianca (The Rescuers)
  • Grandpa Bud - Papa Mousekewitz (An American Tail)
  • Lucille Krunklehorn (aka Young/Adult Lucille) - Mrs. Brisby (The Secret of NIMH)
  • Grandma Lucille - Mama Mousekewitz (An American Tail)
  • Carl the Robot - Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Mildred - Rebecca Cunningham (TaleSpin)
  • Mike "Goob" Yagoobian - Spunky (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • The Bowler Hat Guy (Adult Mike "Goob" Yagoobian) - Fat Cat (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • DOR-15 - Herself
  • Mr. Willerstein - Sparky (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Uncle Fritz - Dr. Dawson (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Aunt Petunia - Auntie Shrew (The Secret of NIMH)
  • Cousin Laszlo - Chip (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Cousin Tallulah - Gadget Hackwrench (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Uncle Gaston - Honest John (An American Tail)
  • Uncle Art - Monterey Jack (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Aunt Billie - Mrs. Judson (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Uncle Joe - Cheddarhead Charlie (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Tiny the T-Rex - Sweetums (The Muppets)
  • Cornelius Robinson - Bernard (The Rescuers)
  • Lefty the Octopus - Crush (Finding Nemo)
  • Frankie - Orinoco (The Wombles)
  • Uncles Spike and Dimitri - Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck (Looney Tunes)
  • Buster - Scooby Doo
  • InventCo CEO - Scar (The Lion King)
  • Stanley - Zipper (Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers)
  • Lizzy - Cynthia Brisby (The Secret of NIMH)
  • Young/Adult Bud - Basil (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Young Franny - Olivia Flaversham (The Great Mouse Detective)
  • Baby Lewis - Nibbles (Tom and Jerry)
  • Mini Doris as herself
  • Mega Doris as himself
  • Frogs - The Wombles Characters
  • Gym Coach - Scrooge McDuck (DuckTales)
  • Young Frankie - Bungo (The Wombles)
  • Boy with 'Solar System' project - Oliver (Oliver and Company)
  • InventCo Receptionist - Fuli (The Lion Guard)
  • Lewis' Birth Mother - Rosita (Sing)
  • Lucille's Father - Junior (Storks)
  • Reporter (near the end) - Red (The Angry Birds Movie)
  • Goob's Adoptive Parents - Danny and Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Harrington - Alvin and Brittany (Alvin and the Chipmunks)


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